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  Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle Co., Ltd. (“Qianjiang Motor”), a state-owned listed company, which is located in the economic development zone of Wenling, Zhejiang Province. It was formally the Wenling Motorcycle Factory that was established in the year of 1985. The company is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and trading of body parts and engines of motorcycles. It covers an area of over 600 mu and possesses the engine and motorcycle manufacturing base of the largest scale in Asia with the most advanced equipments in the country, standing out as one of the Chinese leading enterprises in motorcycle industry with an annual production and marketing volume over 1,500,000. It covers many displacements of motorcycles, which are from 100cc YH-B to 1130cc high-class race motorcycle. It is the only national enterprise that can research and produce big displacement motorcycles till now.
  For the next five years, besides continuously managing the main business of motorcycles, transformation and upgrading has become Qjanjiang’s new focus of concern. With the business strategy of "World class brand + European design + Japanese quality + Chinese cost", Qianjiang Motorcycle is trying its best to transform into a world class motorcycle manufacturing enterprise within 20 years. The transformation and upgrading will be centered on the hybrid electric vehicles and automation so as to accumulate more cutting-edge technologies and prepare for the industrial transformation.
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