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Taizhou City

Taizhou City is a young coastal city along the golden coast line of China, it is situtated in the middle of the coastal area of Zhejiang Province and the south tip of Shanghai Economic Zone. The central of the city locates at 122゜ east longitude, 28゜ north latitude, and belongs to the sub-tropical monsoon climate. There are 3 districts in the urban area, namely Jiaojiang, Huangyan and Luqiao. And under its jurisdiction are Linhai City and Wenling City, as well as four counties namely Yuhuan, Tiantai, Xianju and Tiantai. The land area of the city covers 9411 square kilometers, sea area covers 80,000 square kilometers, with a population of 5.46 million. The urban area of the city covers 1536 square kilometers with a population of 1.4 million. 


Leading Industries

Vehicles and Auto Parts
Taizhou is an important export base of automobile, motorcycles, parts and accessories in China. On August 17, 2006, the Ministry of Commerce and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly approved Taizhou City as National Export Base of Automobile and Parts.
At present, there are 5 auto manufacturers of complete vehicle and more than 4,000 auto parts manufacturers in Taizhou. Geely Group is one of the top ten automobile manufacturers in China and situated the first group of Export Base Enterprises of Complete Vehicle in China. Geely Holding Group acquired Volvo from Ford in 2010. It was the largest overseas acquisition by a Chinese automaker. Qianjiang Motorcycle is one of the largest manufacturers of 2-wheeled vehicles in China.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical
Taizhou is China’s major export base of bulk drug products. There are more than 2000 enterprises in this industry. The chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Taizhou has now formed into an industrial cluster of large scale with various categories. Antibiotics, antitumor,hormones and birth control drugs are the major products in Taizhou. Hisun, Huahai, Hisoar are some of the leading pharmaceutical enterprises in China. Hisun has become a leading API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) manufacturer in China. Huahai is the first pharmaceutical company in China which has passed USA FDA approval. Hisoar is widely cooperating with some well-known international pharmaceutical companies and has become the important partner of Pfizer, Germany BI BASF, Sanofi, Novatis, Belgium PMP. Taizhou enterprises in this industry spare no efforts to focus on the integration of research and development (R&D) with production resources in order to provide their global customers with high quality products and services.

Pumps and Valves
Taizhou is China’s major export base of valves and pumps. The scale, technology and quality of pump products also get the highest rank in China. Submersible pumps, screw pumps and household pumps account for about 75% of domestic market share. Taizhou is the largest manufacture and export base of low pressure copper ball valves and fittings which account for over 50% of China exports.
Home Appliances   
Taizhou is China’s major manufacture and export base of home appliances and refrigeration fittings. The freezer takes more than 25% domestic market share; Moreover, the market shares of pressure cookers and non-stick pans respectively record more than 70% and 50% of domestic market share. Xingxing, Supor and ASD are leading brands in home appliance industry. Xingxing has established strategic partner relationship with Sony, Kodak, Motorola etc. The “Deer” air condition (Shuanglu) is honored as National Inspection-Free Product.

Sewing Machine
Taizhou is one of the biggest manufacture and export bases of sewing equipment in the world. New Jack, Zoje, Gemsy, Feiyue are some of the leading brands of sewing machine industry. Zoje has a wide variety of Industrial Sewing Machine with technology advantage that provides greater productivity and obtains economic benefit in the competitive marketplace. Since 2010, New Jack has been leading the global  sales, and ranking No.1 in comprehensive strength in the line of sewing machine, especially in lockstitch, overlock and interlock sewing machine field. Taizhou enterprises of sewing machine renovate this traditional industry with high-technology. They apply computer and electronic technology into sewing machines and constantly launch new products.



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Taizhou City
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