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[Customs Data] The Customs Import And Export Data of November 2014
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According to Taizhou Customs statistics, the total import and export amount of Taizhou City in the first eleven momths was USD 20.03 billion, with year-on-year growth of 3.7%. The export was USD17.53 billion, grew 6.7%; the import was USD 2.5 billion, fell down 13.3%.

The total export and import value in November was USD 1.79 billion, with year-on-year decrease of 4.2%, export value of USD1.58 billion, only increasing 0.5%, import value of USD 210 million, going down 28.7 percent.


The Export of Furniture Had A Smaller Decrease

According to Taizhou Customs statistics, the total export of furniture in the first eleven months was ¥6.47 billion Yuan, had a small decrease of 0.8% comparing last same period. They are almost all in general trade export and mainly exported to the European Union and the United States.

As a typical labor-intensive product, the advantage of Taizhou furniture lies in low price, while the disadvantages are lack of independent quality standard system, the original product design and competitive brands. Many furniture enterprises only focus on processing, but neglect products’ design, which cause low differentiation and little brand value. The biggest obstacle in Taizhou furniture industry is lack of product core competitiveness.



The Export Trend Of Clothing And Accessories Is In Good Shape

According to Taizhou Customs statistics, the total export of clothing and accessories in the first eleven months was ¥1.12 billion Yuan, rising 22.1% greatly. The export of safety helmet was ¥114 million Yuan, leaping 80.9%; The export of other textile felt fabric clothing was ¥37.71 million Yuan, surging 2519 times.

The traditional export pattern is changing fast. Meanwhile in the export market, the United States, Europe and Asia, these traditional markets, their export growth still  remain more than 24.6%; Exports to Russia¥36.01 million Yuan, an increase of 78.6%; Exports to Peru¥22.97 million Yuan, soared 11-fold.


The Export of Pharmaceutical Products Had A Small Growth

According to Taizhou Customs statistics, the total export of Pharmaceutical Products from January to November was ¥2.69 billion Yuan, with year-on-year growth of 4.8 precent.

In the export market, the EU is the main market, in the first eleven months, the export to the EU reached ¥1.05 billion Yuan, an increase of 7.6%, accounting for 39% of total exports; Exports to India¥410 million Yuan, an increase of 8.3%; Exports to the US ¥380 million Yuan, up 33.7 percent surge.


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