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Trade Tips
Trade Tips
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    Certificate of origin for the exported goods, under free trade agreement ( refers to FTA), is an official certificate issued by official organization of  member states ,who take part in signing  free trade agreement. With this certificate, member states can enjoy reciprocal duty exemption. This certificate is regarded as the golden key opening to the global market, and sometimes even as marketable securities. Import and export companies should take full advantage of this preferential policy, by which their product can enjoy preferential or even null duty. In such a situation, the companies can effectively reduce the cost of the import and export product, and improve their international competitiveness. Currently, the Chinese government have signed these free trade agreement with  relevant government, including  CHINA-ASEAN FTA, CHINA - PAKISTAN FTA, CHINA-CHILE  FTA, CHINA - NEW ZEALAND FTA, CHINA - SINGAPORE FTA, CHINA - PERU FTA, CHINA -COSTA RICA FTA , CHINA- SWITZERLAND FTA, CHINA - ICELAND FTA, CHINA - TAIWAN ECFA AND ASIA-PACIFIC TRADE AGREEMENT.
    With the changing trade situation, the advantage of regional trade will play an more important role in the Chinese foreign trade. In such a situation, regional preferential certificate of origin, as a convenient passport for preferential trade, will become more and more important. We should make further use of FTA, the golden key in the foreign trade, and more and more companies will enjoy preferential policy.


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